Cant get my xampp server public

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Cant get my xampp server public

Postby droppd » 09. November 2010 18:05

to start off i know alot of ppl have this problem

first off
windows 7 64bit pro
xampp 1.7.3
navicat lite port 80 redirect (due to isp blocking 80)
router configured for the redirect public 9001 privite 80

so i know apache msql and php but xampp is confusing me. i would like to make my pc with xammp on it public. i can not find anything that would be blocking it in any of the httpd-(whatever) maybe i overlooked something.

i know alot of ppl like to lecucre on here and tell the person they dont need it and so on but i would like to get it on the web so that i can show off a website for a inc. the site after i get the ok to be the new web developer will be hosted from a company not my personal pc but i do like to build the sites on my pc then take my laptop to the corps meeting and show them what i can do and what it can look like.

im also using wordpress i dont thinlk this is the issue.

thanks please dont mind my spellings as i am on my android phone and not at my pc
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