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Can someone help? No idea what to do next!

PostPosted: 26. October 2010 18:33
by tvgirl
Hi there,

I posted a few days ago because I was having trouble getting everything working and then all of a sudden it all worked - for about 2 days then it stopped again. I have been plugging away to try to get it working, but I am only halfway there and am stuck, so I'm after inspiration.

I am using Windows XP Professional.

I have installed xampp at the C: drive

I have IIS (microsoft) installed but don't know whether I can delete it or whether I need it (I have a website that I currently upload via ftp in a windows explorer view) or whether (or how) to switch it off. The IIS uses port 80, which has caused problems but...

I have amended the apache/conf/httpd file to use port 8080

Apache is now running and I can access the xampp page on the following link: http://localhost:8080/xampp/

I cannot access myphpadmin (access denied: MySQL said: #2003 - Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) ).

I cannot get MySQL to run in the control panel. The portcheck shows MySQL port 3306 free.

Any ideas what I should do next? I'm afraid I need help in words of one syllable...

Thanks for your time.

Re: Can someone help? No idea what to do next!

PostPosted: 29. October 2010 05:35
by gillwill
Is it possible that another instance of mySQL is running on your system, perhaps under another port, like 3307

You should check your Task Manager to see if there is a mysqld.exe or a mysqld-nt.exe running.

You can also open up a Windows console screen and run netstat -an to see what other ports are listening for connections.