Dreamweaver CS5 does not play nicely with Xampp

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Dreamweaver CS5 does not play nicely with Xampp

Postby johnny f » 21. October 2010 05:13

I have had a 64bit computer running Win7 Ultimate for almost a year now.

When I first installed Dreamweaver CS5 I had mixed success with accessing my php websites locally but I could live with things the way they were. Even if Dreamweaver couldn't dynamically find my files at least I could F12 to access the files locally.

A couple of days ago I decided to try to get my Xampp installation to play nicely with DW CS5. I uninstalled Xampp and reinstalled it.

Things are now worse. For example, even though I have my server set for local testing, when I try to preview a php page in a browser it takes me to the remote site.

http://localhost returns the 'Index of /' page with my list of website folders.

When I go to http://localhost/xampp I get the Xampp page informing me that it was a successful instal.

Any suggestions please?
johnny f
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Re: Dreamweaver CS5 does not play nicely with Xampp

Postby snowonweb » 23. October 2010 02:39

I am having similar problem and I just installed XAMPP. I am learning as I go and I just learned that Dreamweaver is piece of shit. I installed OSDate2.6 just fine. Created a database just fine and whenever I go to localhost/osdate/ its fine. It is the dreamweaver that fucking sucks. It was OK when Macromedia was ahead of everybody else in html game but now its just bloated piece of shit that doesnt work nicely with all the new standards and languages such as PHP. MySQL.
Haveing said that. are there any other editors that work with mysql and with xampp. Would be nice if XAMPP team recommended an editor, but also I am sure dreamweaver works for many people with xampp unfortunately, <sarcasm> xampp doesnt provide support for dreamweaver AND adobe doesnt provide xampp support. Funny thing many blogs suggest using xampp with dreamweaver.
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