xampp on windows xp httpd.exe error

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xampp on windows xp httpd.exe error

Postby tpra21 » 21. October 2010 00:23

I am running xampp on a windows xp server with static IP. I have confirmed that no other software is using port 80 via netstat and tasklist.

I keep randomly receiving the following error on the apache http server.

(OS 10038)An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. : winnt_accept: getsockname error on listening socket, is IPv6 available?

Any ideas?

It seems to only happen when I access a webpage that uses ajax to auto-refesh every xx seconds (60 in this example) and uses a DB connection.

Of course, I have a different page auto-refeshing evey 5 seconds (it uses a socket connection) and it does not create the error.

The ajax may be completely unrelated, I just thought I would mention it.

thanks in advance - Adam
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Re: xampp on windows xp httpd.exe error

Postby JonB » 22. October 2010 01:24

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