web server upload directory: ________

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web server upload directory: ________

Postby charlie22 » 20. October 2010 23:03

Am in phpMyAdmin, database, Import

After "location of the text file ________ [browse]

there should be:

web server upload directory: _______
character set of the file _____

but it's not there on my screen.

I did set up an upload directory in Xamp/phpMyAdmin/ config.inc.php
$cfg['UploadDir'] = 'c:\Files';

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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Re: web server upload directory: ________

Postby JonB » 22. October 2010 21:05

I'm unsure on this, BUT - I think the UploadDir may have to be somewhere in your ServerRoot (generally that would be the xampp folder).
Let me know what happens.

Good Luck
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Re: web server upload directory: ________

Postby Dariusc123456 » 23. October 2010 23:16

If your getting a white screen then it could the server itself (adjust php.ini if it does happens).

Try downloading the latest phpMyAdmin and try again because it could be the script itself.
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Re: web server upload directory: ________

Postby ununpentium » 06. May 2011 10:04

I'm on a CentOS server. My phpMyadmin "vanilla" install uses the folder /var/lib/phpMyAdmin which contains the 'config', 'save' and 'upload' folders. I DIDN'T HAVE TO CHANGE the PHP $cfg['UploadDir'] setting away from the system default (which in my case uses ./tmp).

Anyway, all that was necessary was that I ftp the large (500+MB) .csv file that I want to import into my database into the folder /var/lib/phpMyAdmin/upload. Then navigate to the Import tab in phpMyadmin and the option for "web server upload directory" appears. The drop down menu now shows the file I just placed in /var/lib/phpMyAdmin/upload.

Hope this helps.
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