XAMPP Lite From USB run lib cURL? Possible? how?

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XAMPP Lite From USB run lib cURL? Possible? how?

Postby wmchisholm » 15. October 2010 18:56

XAMPP Lite From USB cURL? Possible?

Hi anyone out there know how I can get cURL installed with my XAMPP lite version I run "letterless" off my USB drive for "testing" purposes? I'm trying to find a solution to help a group of local teenagers after school to learn how to do their own web pages, I've not had to use this sort of software before, so write to me like I'm stupid :)!~

I've got XAMPP running, Mysql running.. everything works. I'm trying to deploy open source solutions such as joomla or wordpress, and cURL is a necessary library, and well.. now it gets fun.. :)

Any pointers, websites, tutorials, software.. you can think of I'll gladly take it! Thanks in advance.
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Re: XAMPP Lite From USB run lib cURL? Possible? how?

Postby JonB » 16. October 2010 02:03

Curl support is built into PHP.

in your xampp\php\php.ini fie locate:
remove the comment ";"
save the file
restart Apache
Check phpinfo.php on the XAMPP page - look for the curl section, it tells you the methods avaialble in the implementation.

Should be good to go :D

BTW - AFAIK its not needed to support WP and Joomla - but it doesn't really matter if you enable it either. :wink:

Good Luck

reference: http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/php/install.html
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