Import Data into Mysql

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Import Data into Mysql

Postby thomson29 » 14. October 2010 21:12

I am new to this and need detailed instruction. I installed XAMPP on a windows server, and all seems to be running OK. I need to create a database called tenants, and import a list of first and last names with a Landlord number after them. This list is a spread sheet and only uses 3 colums, with about 5000 rows. I saved it as a CSV, and also save it as a tab seperated txt document.
Using the XAMPP controll panel I have tried for hours to import this without sucess. HELP please.
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Re: Import Data into Mysql

Postby JonB » 15. October 2010 13:44

One Word: phpMyAdmin

Its on the XAMPP page or http://localhost/phpmyadmin

good luck
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