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Can't connect to remote MSSQL server using PHP!

PostPosted: 13. October 2010 06:47
by copan
Searched high and low for this answer. When I try to connect to a remote MSSQL server using a PHP script, Apache crashes!

Apache closes itself and it says "apache http server has stopped working" when attempting to connect via PHP on my XAMPP web server.

Yes: can connect to the remote server using SQL Server Management Studio Express using SQL auth. (so user/pass/server/port is OK)
Yes: ntwdblib.dll is version 80.194 in both apache bin folder and php folder
Yes: Can connect to MSSQL local server just fine, so mssql extension loads OK

###### Apache Friends XAMPP (Basis Package) version 1.7.3 ######

+ Apache 2.2.14 (IPV6 enabled)
+ MySQL 5.1.41 (Community Server) with PBXT engine 1.0.09-rc
+ PHP 5.3.1 (PEAR, Mail_Mime, MDB2, Zend)
+ Using Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1

Why PHP, why are you doing this to me? Please help.
Many thanks,