Others have access only to index.php

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Others have access only to index.php

Postby iNS » 13. October 2010 04:22

First of all :
1. I have static IP
2. My ports are redirected correctly and opened
3. My firewall is disabled
4. My OS is Win Xp Sp3
5. I use the final version of Xampp
6. I don't have router
7. I have .htaccess file and setted passwords for root and s.o.
8. I've install and use Simple Machine Forum . The files are copied directly to the httpd directory , so my SMF index file replace the file with the text "It works" .
9. The problem is not at the language pack (I'm bulgarian) , because as I said I see everything normal , but my friends not .

When I open my site trough localhost/index.php and my-ip/index.php everything is fine . But when other people try to connect to my web site , they see it like this --> http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/9009/mdad.png and every link start's with "http://localhost/....." (for example : http://localhost/index.php?action=register)

How can I resolve this problem ? :oops:
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Re: Others have access only to index.php

Postby JonB » 13. October 2010 11:30

you need to fix the URL configuration in SMF, I think

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