RewriteRule in XAMPP [htaccess]

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RewriteRule in XAMPP [htaccess]

Postby Chad » 11. October 2010 03:21

Before I get started I'm going to tell you I went into "apache/conf/httpd.conf" changed the following:

"#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/"
"LoadModule rewrite_module modules/"


"AllowOverride None"
"AllowOverride All"
(in three different spots)

But it still isn't working.

This is an example of what I'm trying to mod_rewrite in .htaccess
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RewriteRule ^register(|/)$ /register.php
RewriteRule ^register_submit(|/)$ /register.php?doSubmit
RewriteRule ^register/cancel(|/)$ /register-cancel.php
RewriteRule ^register/undefined(|/)$ /index.php

But when I go to "" it says 404 ERROR, but if I go to "" it works... but when it has no file extension it doesn't work.

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Re: RewriteRule in XAMPP [htaccess]

Postby JonB » 11. October 2010 16:56

Do any of the other rewrites work?

I'm hoping there is a 'RewriteEngine On' directive in there.... :?:

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