XAMPP not working over LAN

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XAMPP not working over LAN

Postby dvb » 09. October 2010 21:56

XAMPP is working fine on my localhost but not from my lan.

I've tried to download another portable server (of course I've first shut down apache) just to ensure it isn't a problem with the router/firewall, the other webserver was working fine (port 80). I've completely removed the other one.

Let's say XAMPP is installed on pc1.
pc1 ip -
pc2 ip -
(pc1 & pc2 is on the same LAN)

When I'm pinging pc1 from pc2 the result is fine (I'm using ESS and I've configured the trusted zone) but when I'm trying to get from the browser of pc2 he's thinking for 2-3 seconds and then say "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to..." (IE also can't).

BTW, I've also configured apache to listen also on port 8080 but it doesn't help (it's still working fine from pc1 with both ports).
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Re: XAMPP not working over LAN

Postby JonB » 10. October 2010 00:18

In Windows Firewall, did you make sure there was an exception for the Apache HTTP service that matches your installed path for XAMPP? You may have several entries if you have had Apache installed before...

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