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php_oci php_pdo

Postby sekaijin » 08. October 2010 14:16


how to insatall php extention to connect on oracle remote serveur

I uncommented the lines in php.ini

the server starts with the following errors

PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic Library "\Program Files\bin\xampp\php\ext\php_oci8.dll" - Le module est introuvable.
PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic Library "\Program Files\bin\xampp\php\ext\php_pdo_oci8.dll" - Le module est introuvable.

C:\Program Files\bin\xampp\php\ext>dir *oci*
Le volume dans le lecteur C s'appelle system
Le numéro de série du volume est BA80-A016

Répertoire de C:\Program Files\bin\xampp\php\ext

20/12/2009 00:00 148 112 php_oci8.dll
20/12/2009 00:00 37 520 php_pdo_oci.dll
2 fichier(s) 185 632 octets
0 Rép(s) 49 996 873 728 octets libres

all other extentions are loaded correctly

should I install something more?

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Re: php_oci php_pdo

Postby Altrea » 08. October 2010 15:30

I just can say it again:
NEVER (!!!) install XAMPP in a folder with special chars, umlauts or white spaces.

Now take a look at your path and tell me whats wrong with it.
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Re: php_oci php_pdo

Postby sekaijin » 03. November 2010 10:00

I've same problem
Xamp is now installed on c:\xamp

can you help me ?

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Re: php_oci php_pdo

Postby JonB » 03. November 2010 21:14

Oracle support - Its a known PHP bug.

read this VERY CAREFULLY (I don't know if they offer a French translation of bug-tracking)

its a dependency display error

its also over my head - BUT - as I read it, you ONLY NEED

php_pdo.dll (whish is native to XAMPP) AND it is uncoomented in the default XAMPP php.ini

comment OUT the other two entries, oci8.dll and php_pdo_oci.dll

then restart Apache
ignore any errors
and try to connect to your Oracle databse instance.

AND - lol - if it works Jon B is a genius. hehehehe

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