Uploads working on local but not remote how come?

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Uploads working on local but not remote how come?

Postby sinnister » 07. October 2010 19:34

Hey guys,

I'd been working on sortta school project for the last month or so and I found a php script for uploading data and it worked fine when I tested it on my own pc with latest version of xampp installed. So I continued and made all the changes to it that I wanted, and when I'm so close to release I say "hey I haven't really tested it on remote host". I upload the files to 000webhost dot com and I find that I can select files, click the upload button but nothing happens after that. No error messages, nothing.

The site is working perfectly when executed from http://localhost/ or even my local router ip. From remote clients the web site is perfectly visible but the script just won't upload files. Just the same as remote host.

Here's link to the remote host place http://bdsat.comyr.com

On my pc I have xampp running under win xp and the above has got:
Apache ver.2.2.13 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.*

Both got the same simptoms. I'm using this: http://www.evoluted.net/community/code/ ... isting.php script for the uploading.

I bumped my head in the wall for past 2 days. I would be very appreciative of any help.
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