Out side connections

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Out side connections

Postby martin123 » 06. October 2010 23:48

I have installed XAMPP its all working great :D i also have installed smf (forum software) and again its working well :D

I use this link to access it http://localhost/index.php

Now i own a few domain names (paid one's)

i also run a few sites on paid hosting :cry:

Now i want to host my own site for a select few ppl but http://localhost/index.php will not allow them in so can and how do i point my site to a domain name i have so ppl out side on localhost can veiw my site
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Re: Out side connections

Postby JonB » 07. October 2010 00:22

this is a good explanation

http://lifehacker.com/software/feature/ ... 127276.php

Basically you have to enable port forwarding on your router for port 80 (usually). This will allow those outside your network to peer inside over port 80 to find the machine XAMPP is installed on.

Then, depending in if you wish to use a domain name, you will either use the external IP of your router xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx as the address for your server or point the NameServer for your registered domain to that IP.

You will need to know if you have a static or dynamic IP. If you have a dynamic IP, you will need to use a service Like DynDNS or NoIP.

Good Luck
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Re: Out side connections

Postby martin123 » 13. October 2010 02:40

fixed ty
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Re: Out side connections

Postby JenifferMilers » 30. October 2010 07:48

This applies only to Outside Connections and not your direct MCI accounts, nor to PCO or any other providers.
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