How load the .net assembly in XAMPP

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How load the .net assembly in XAMPP

Postby tamilmani » 06. October 2010 11:01

Hi All,

This is Tamilmani Mohan . I am new member for this forum.Please any one tell me how to load the .net assembly in XAMPP Server .

I need to run the .net assembly from php . I am using xampp server.

Is there any settings available for to run the .Net assembly in xampp ?

Tamilmani Mohan
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Re: How load the .net assembly in XAMPP

Postby JonB » 06. October 2010 15:25

AFAIK at the moment you can't (if you really want to do .net projects you should prolly be on IIS) :shock:

There is support with mod_mono

BUT - read this -

"its coming"

I would be happy to hear any other views, methods or news

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