Problem with status function of xampp

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Problem with status function of xampp

Postby trojanboy » 05. October 2010 19:42

Dear Xampp-Users

I have a problem with my xampp version, which is actually 1.5, but the same problem is existing also with newest version available (1.7.3).
Everytime, when I've started Xampp (for windows) and also all standard services (apache, mysql,...) I want to use it. So I'm looking normally first to the status-section. But there some services (changes, when I'm pressing the "status"-button) are shown as not active. So I've made some test using the option "cd collection", but everytime it shows me the message, that it could not connect to database and asks, if someone changed the password maybe or if it's running.
On Windows Taskmanager I've controlled, that it is running and the only password changing I've made using the security-section.
I tried to find some help in the Internet, but without sucess.
Maybe one of yours can give me a tip?


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Re: Problem with status function of xampp

Postby JonB » 06. October 2010 15:39

did you use the 'Svc' checkbox to install Apache and MySQL as Services under Windows?

That way they will restart automatically whenWindows start 8) s
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Re: Problem with status function of xampp

Postby coloseo » 09. October 2010 18:39


I found out, that all services are active and that the status function didn't take function at my server, don't know why, but thx for your replay.
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