Help with TestServer/URL Prefix Probelm in DW8?

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Help with TestServer/URL Prefix Probelm in DW8?

Postby inquiry888 » 05. October 2010 17:19


I've been having a problem for the last day, and it's been making me crazy.

I've been trying to run a simple PHP page, and I'm running into trouble with Dreamweaver.

Background: Using xampp 1.7.3, Dreamweaver 8

Apache, PHP, and mysql are all working fine (I've been able to create mysql databases in the xampp localhost menu), and are running while I'm trying to do a live test.

But when I try to do a live test, I get the following error:

"HTTP error 404 (file not found) occurred while attempting to request the file http://localhost/testpage.php from the testing server.

Here are some possible reasons for the problem:

1) Files in the "C:Program Files/xampp/htdocs/php_test/" folder that have the ".php" file extension are not being executed by the testing server.

2) The "C:Program Files/xampp/htdocs/php_test/" folder does not map to the "http://localhost/php_test" URL on the testing server. Verify that the URL Prefix maps to the root of your site.

Would you like to change the location of the testing server?"

I have the following parameters in Site Definition set as:

Local Info Tab -->

Site Name: PHP Test Site

Local Root Folder: C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\php_test\

HTTP Address: http://localhost/php_test/

Under the remote info tab -->

Access: Local/Network
Remote Folder: C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\php_test\

Testing Server Tab -->

Server model: PHP MySQL

Access: Local/Network

Testing Server Folder: C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\php_test\

URL Prefix: http://localhost/php_test/

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: Help with TestServer/URL Prefix Probelm in DW8?

Postby Nobbie » 05. October 2010 18:03

I am not sure if we can give Dreamweaver support (i cannot!). As this is a "pure" Dreamweaver question and not a Xampp question. Maybe its a good idea to go for a Dreamweaver forum.
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