Apache Server not running Windows 7

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Apache Server not running Windows 7

Postby victorianrider » 27. September 2010 13:18

Ok so I've spent a couple days looking through forums and such that describe my problem, however none of the solutions I have seen have worked.
So I have XAMPP ver. 1.7.3
My port scan's return this:
Service Port Status
Apache (HTTP) 80 Process: System
Apache (WebDAV) 81 free
Apache (HTTPS) 443 free

MySQL 3306 free

FileZilla (FTP) 21 free
FileZilla (Admin) 14147 free

Mercury (SMTP) 25 free
Mercury (POP3) 110 free
Mercury (IMAP) 143 free
Mercury (HTTP) 2224 free
Mercury (Finger) 79 free
Mercury (PH) 105 free
Mercury (PopPass) 106 free

Tomcat (AJP/1.3)8009
Tomcat (HTTP)8080

Press (Return) to continue.

When I click 'Start' to launch apache from XAMPP control panel it will either: Show the normal 'Running' in green back lit text for half a second then stop OR just not even start at all.
When I try to run some files from the xampp folder it can return errors like this for example it returns this when I open up 'xampp_restart':
Restarting "xampp"...
Can't find process "C:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe"

Yet, httpd.exe IS located in that file path.

I have also experienced a few problems when running any php scripts in CLI for example:

Warning: file(mains.txt): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Users\Aaron\Desktop\AKG.php on line 8

And of course, the file IS in that exact directory yet it isn't picking it up. So all these permission errors that seem to be the cause are making me question if it has something to do with a system setting. (I am the only user and reserve all admin rights.. or that is if everything is working I should)

So, what is (if any) the way to fix my problem and to get Apache up and running again?

(I did have skype installed, but since completely removed it and rebooted a few times.)
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Re: Apache Server not running Windows 7

Postby victorianrider » 27. September 2010 14:22

Wait, no need to reply to this... Sorted the problem out. If anybody else is here for the same problem this is how I fixed it.

Following fix was read on this post, thanks to user 'Narrowboyy' for the post.

And he wrote:
"System" may mean that World Wide Publishing service is running and would need to be disabled if you are running XAMPP servers.

Click on the SCM (Service Control Manager) button in your XAMPP Control Panel and look for the
World Wide Publishing service or www publishing service.
Right click and select Properties and first Stop the service then select Disable.

Not sure if you need to restart Windows but it won't hurt to do that.

Then do a Port Check again and see if all is now Free.

If so then you should now be able to move forward with XAMPP.

I don't have W7 so please post back if this worked for you or not.

That fixed my problem and apache is now running nice and smooth. (I did not require a reboot, I just did a port check after stopping the service)
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Re: Apache Server not running Windows 7

Postby JonB » 27. September 2010 14:31

The contents of the Apache error log would be very useful. (the 'tail' is proabably all that is needed)


You might want to see if another application is running on port 80 (you might not even have enabled it), see if https.sys is in services.

look at this topic:

If it tunrs out there is a application/service running on Port 80 and it isn't Skype or https.sys - you can use NIrsoft's free CurrentPorts to detect the Application or Service and its ProcessID


OK THEN - that was it - the MS www service was running - Its often enabled for use with MS Remote Administration.

Good Luck
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Re: Apache Server not running Windows 7

Postby MarchHare » 27. September 2010 22:40

Thanks for the lead. Skype was indeed attached to the ports that Apache wanted. I stopped Skype and restarted the Xampp control center and Apache is happy again. I'm running the latest d/l of Xampp with Windows 7.
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