HELP! localhost V xampp/htdocs??

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HELP! localhost V xampp/htdocs??

Postby Rockdude » 20. September 2010 18:18

This is difficult to explain, so I may need to elaborate, so please feel free to ask. Whenever I preview my Dreamweaver website in any browser, it looks fine as: "file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/mysite/". However, in http://localhost/mysite/, a lot of my images and formatting are missing. I've reconfigured my dreamweaver settings numerous times, but still the problem remains no matter what I do?? :cry:
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Re: HELP! localhost V xampp/htdocs??

Postby Altrea » 20. September 2010 20:30

If you want to use server side script languages like php, you had to get this
Rockdude wrote:http://localhost/mysite/
to work, because this
Rockdude wrote:file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/mysite/
will not work.

I don't know if it's a problem of dreamweaver configuration knowledge, or simply basic html knowledge. Without seen your code which doesn't link the images/css correct i can't say any more.
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