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An empty row created in my mysql database

PostPosted: 18. September 2010 15:04
by julyhad
In the code below, am trying to build a form that will be sumitted to the database. Before submitting to the database the user will preveiw all what he has typed in the form and click confirm button to totally submit the details to the database.
The problem am having is that, the preveiw will print all the form input but when i click confirm button an empty row will be inserted into the database.
Pls, i need your help what else i can do to fix the error?

$eppttitle = $_POST['eppttitle'];
$sname = $_POST['sname'];
$fname = $_POST['fname'];
$mname = $_POST['mname'];
$insert = (" INSERT INTO $dbtable(eppttitle,sname,fname)VALUES('$eppttitle','$sname','$fname')") ;
mysql_query($insert) or die (mysql_error());
header("location: indexpg.php ");}?>

<html><head><title>User Form</title></head><body>
if(!isset($_POST['ret'])){ ?>
<form name="epptformfill" action="" method="post">
Title:<select name="eppttitle" id="eppttitle" >
<option value"<?=$eppttitle?>">--Please Select--</option>
<option value"<?=$eppttitle?>">Miss.</option>
<option value"<?=$eppttitle?>">Mr.</option>
<option value"<?=$eppttitle?>">Mrs.</option>
First Name:<input name="sname" type="text" id="sname" value="<?=$sname?>" size="35" maxlength="25" />
Middle Name:<input name="fname" type="text" id="fname" size="35" maxlength="25" />
<input name="ret" type="submit" value="preview" " >
<? } else{ ?>
If you are sure of the informations you just provided click the submit button below.<br>
First Name:<?=$fname?><br>
Middle Name: <?=$sname?><br>
<input name="btncon" type="submit" value="Comfirm" >
<? } ?>