Upgrade from 1.5.2

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Upgrade from 1.5.2

Postby jsalvat » 15. September 2010 11:09

I need to mantain (bring back to life, in fact) a system based on xampp 1.5.1. Basically I need to add subversion support to apache server. I've been trying with current mod_dav_svn.so modules but Apache refuses to load them - it seems to me that each apache version needs a specific mod_dav_svn.so module. Since xampp didn't include mod_dav_svn module until 1.6.0 I decided to start upgrading xampp. From 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 was easy: there is a specific installer/upgrade. Problem appears from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3: there is no such upgrade.

Since it is explained that xampp does not write the windows registry I tried to install directly 1.7.3 (current xampp version) and move manually database files and htdocs; but then mysql server doesn't start (at least mysqladmin complains about the change).

How could I proceed to continue upgrading from 1.5.2? What about a way to obtain mod_dav_svn.so version that is needed in xampp 1.5.2?

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Re: Upgrade from 1.5.2

Postby JonB » 15. September 2010 19:22

Hi -

Subversion - This is an open 'issue' with no documented answers.

I suggest two things -

1st - use the Search Forum box on this forum search for 'subversion'.

2nd - Check out this page -

http://gavtaylor.co.uk/blog/installing- ... on-windows

The gut issue is what compiler a 'mod' was created with. Soooo -in this case (XAMPP) all Apache Modules must have been compiled with the VC6 (MS Visual Studio 6 C) compiler. VC9 Modules will get spit out, unless hacked,

Your - MySQL problem -

MySQL is a self-contained, self-referencing file system. You might say its a bit pre-scient, and you can't move it around arbitrarily. The MySQL database can only be 'moved' really by first backing up the database to a .sql or .sql.gz file (using phpMyAdmin - from the olde system) OR the mysqldump.exe program. (you will need to know the roor passowrd.)
The database(s) can then be restored (after you create any missing users). You can restore the database with the 'new' phpMyAdmin created when installing XAMPP or mysql.exe (the MySQL monitor).

You might infer that you may have gooten the cart before the horse here. You need the MySQL database, and the mysqldump programs from the 'old install' pretty much as they were.

Google 'mySQL command line backup restore' - and pick the one that makes most sense for you
this one seems pretty understandable:
http://www.webcheatsheet.com/SQL/mysql_ ... estore.php

Good Luck
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Re: Upgrade from 1.5.2

Postby jsalvat » 22. September 2010 15:48


Thanks for your suggestions.

The issue was solved as soon as I learnt how to backup and restore MySQL data bases - really easy using MySQL administrator. As soon as xampp 1.7.3 was installed and MySQL databases restored, subversion configuration was quite easy.

Thanks again,
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