XAMPP at Startup

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XAMPP at Startup

Postby Nekom » 09. September 2010 16:21

I want to know how to start XAMPP at startup (windows)
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Re: XAMPP at Startup

Postby Altrea » 09. September 2010 16:46

You want to register the xampp components as Windows Service.
Simply tick the svc-Boxes byside each component you want to start as service in the xampp control panel
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Re: XAMPP at Startup

Postby john005 » 10. September 2010 06:59

go to control panel
click on administrative tools
click on internet information server
click on continue
click on stop on top right under Manage server - then go back and start apache on your control panel

et voici she works :D :D :D
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