Installing XAMPP on windows sbs 2003 server

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Installing XAMPP on windows sbs 2003 server

Postby hanrattyc » 09. September 2010 12:10

I am not a programmer or a technie so this may be a stupid question.

I have installed XAMpp on a windows 7 machine because I want to run a app called OrangeHRM. Its an open source HRM solution. So thats grand, I have it installed and all is working fine.

I now want to install the app and XAMPP on a Windows Small Business Server 2003. So that I can share the application out on the network for different users.

Is there any issue running Xampp in this environment. Does it conflict in any way with the SBS 2003 Operation system which may be running sql express for line of business apps.

Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Installing XAMPP on windows sbs 2003 server

Postby BigWetDog » 09. September 2010 12:19

There shouldn't be as MySQL and MS-SQL run on different ports, and as long as you SBS server isn't runnin IIS for something like Sharepoint, Apache won't have a conflict out of the box, but... I would actually suggest you just run an installation of Apache and MySQL in that circumstance.
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