short_open_tag in php.ini

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short_open_tag in php.ini

Postby kizika » 09. September 2010 08:04

I know that a thread answering this question has already been made, but it didn't solve it for me.
I have in php.ini short_open_tag = On

And...well...that's it
Here is some more of the code:

Code: Select all
; Default Value: On
; Development Value: Off
; Production Value: Off
short_open_tag = On

Code: Select all
; short_open_tag
;   Default Value: On
;   Development Value: Off
;   Production Value: Off

Any advice?
I think I need to supply more information, but hopefully this is enough for someone to know the answer.
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Re: short_open_tag in php.ini

Postby Nobbie » 09. September 2010 11:40

kizika wrote:Any advice?

For what? I cannot find any question in your posting.
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