Cannot start MySQL from command prompt

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Cannot start MySQL from command prompt

Postby VonHauson » 08. September 2010 17:23

So I did something stupid this morning, and my knee jerk reaction was to delete my XAMPP directory and do a new install. I was previously able to start up mysql.

I had set up XAMPP about a month ago to start learning MySQL and had installed it to c:\xampp\xampp. I decided that I wanted to just copy/paste everything from that directory to c:\xampp (because it annoyed me having the redundant direrectory). I had forgotten about the feature already built in to the XAMPP control. I tried doing this while my servers were on (another small point I overlooked) so I wasn't able to move everything. So I decided to delete and start over.

Now to my problem:

I've run the XAMPP setup utility, fixed my windows path to the mysql bin, set my password using the localhost/security, and editted the file. I can log into phpMyAdmin, but I cannot start mysql from the command prompt, giving me the all to familiar: ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user '=root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Is there a file outside of the XAMPP directory (aside from the Windows path) that stores any information? I've also verified that this is the only SQL server running.

Any help will be appreciated and I can provide more details if they are needed.
Thank you

UPDATE: So it seems to be working now, but only if I start it with 'mysql --user=root --password=password'. I had tried this earlier with no success. I should note that it will not work if I use 'mysql -u=root -p=password'.
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Re: Cannot start MySQL from command prompt

Postby Altrea » 09. September 2010 03:59

VonHauson wrote:I should note that it will not work if I use 'mysql -u=root -p=password'.

Have you tried this too?:
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mysql -uUser -pPassword
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