problems installing svn

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problems installing svn

Postby DanWoodbury » 07. September 2010 23:29


i have been trying to install svn on my xampp install but cannot get it to work. i have tried numerous tutorials which all say a similar thing. (including ... on-windows)

but all that happens is apache says its started in the dialog box but there is no 'running' box and you cannot connect to it.

this is my system:
win 7
xampp 1.7.3

if anybody has any ideas, their thoughts would be much appreciated

thanks in advance
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Re: problems installing svn

Postby JonB » 08. September 2010 00:03

A. Is Apache working correctly - other than SVN? or have you not tested http://localhost?

B. What folder is XAMPP installed in?

C. I have seen another thread that reports no 'running' indicator for Apache on Win 7, so even if you dont see "running" test the server (after you start Apache).

I also feel the need to state the obvious - that link has comments open, have you considered posing him your question? (other than why the 'Running' indicator is not present)

Good luck
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