apache will not run

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apache will not run

Postby aaron2010 » 04. September 2010 03:04

Apache will not run.
I have logged out of skype and turn off my firewall.

when I go to localhost, I get iis7 page.

Any solutions on how i can get apache running?

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Re: apache will not run

Postby JonB » 04. September 2010 12:04

Well aaron - if you want Apache to run, at least on Port 80 - you will have to either uninstall IIS or make it so its startup type as a service is 'manual'.

you can't run two websevers on the same port.


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Re: apache will not run

Postby sbarrow47 » 08. September 2010 01:17

That is correct you can not run two servers on the same port.
You can however change the apache port in your configuration or change the IIS7 port to anything other than 80 and they will both run.
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