rebooting windows restarts services

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rebooting windows restarts services

Postby new2AF » 01. September 2010 18:44

I "stop" Apache and MySQL in the XAMPP control panel -- but when I restart Windows (XP PRO SP3), the modules are "running" (note: XAMPP control panel is NOT in the system tray). I can see how this might be desirable, but I'd prefer it not start -- as my userID attests: I am new to this product.

I checked the website for info; I looked at the .bat files; I checked the registry

It's kinda creepy when services are running and you don't know about them. I have taken steps to secure the product, as documented -- but I'd rather have it in a more restricted mode, until I get to know it better. I'm not being paranoid; just based on my experience -- when I run FileZilla server, I routinely (ie: daily) have the good folks in China, Korea, Romania try to break in -- at least until "Autoban" gives them the boot.

thanks !
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Re: rebooting windows restarts services

Postby Altrea » 01. September 2010 18:49

Are the svc-checkboxes in the control panel ticked?
If so, untick them.
(for this you can use the unregister service bat files too)

or is there any xampp component in your autostart folder?
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Re: rebooting windows restarts services

Postby JonB » 02. September 2010 04:16

just a note:

the XAMMP Control Panel won't be in the System tray unless you start it (or put it in the startup), its not a service. :shock:

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