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[SOLVED]httpd.exe just-in-time

PostPosted: 31. August 2010 01:26
by fakin
Hi all..
So, I'm having this problem last 2 days, every time I try to open phpmyadmin or apache admin (via xampp control panel) it refuses to open, saying "the connection reset" in firefox, and before that this shows up


I've installed VS2008 about 2 weeks ago, and it was just fine till yesterday or the day before :S Also, when i turn off in VS this Just-In-Time debugger, it says


(both errors appear when i try to open phpmyadmin or apache admin page) after NO on #1 or OK on #2 it keeps loading or just say "the connection reset"

I haven't found anything that even points me to the right direction how to solve this :(

Re: httpd.exe just-in-time

PostPosted: 31. August 2010 03:11
by fakin
btw, this error is always different.. i mean on those numbers in brackets on picture no.2, its sometimes [3860], [2222], [1668], [3596], and so on.. on every refresh its different
dunno what it is, just felt a need to report it :\\

Re: httpd.exe just-in-time

PostPosted: 31. August 2010 05:11
by JonB
Two things

A. - Did you link VS to MySQL?

B. - Whats in the Apache error log?


Re: httpd.exe just-in-time

PostPosted: 04. September 2010 02:47
by fakin
@JonB tnx for the replay, but I've fixed the problem ! :D

It seems that Komodo changed the php.ini file ( after I tried to enable the debugging mode ), by adding the following lines at the beginning :

Code: Select all
; xdebug config added by Komodo
cgi.force_redirect = 0

Anyway, commenting it have fixed the problem ;)