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Image absolute url

PostPosted: 29. August 2010 03:12
by wutanggrenade
I'm trying to see if this will work.

Retrieving picture outside of the htdocs folder with absolute urls. For instance how can I do something like this.

<img src="c:/example/example.gif" alt="example.gif"/>

Using a directory scan, I can easily scan an entire drive, but how can I retrieve the pictures?

Re: Image absolute url

PostPosted: 29. August 2010 14:25
by JonB
AFAIK, you can't using Apache, As all Apache can serve is URL's, they have to be in the scope of the server (the DocumentRoot) OR on some other resolvable resource.

Yous should also look at your post title, and realize/understand what a URL is.

What your post title inplies is absolute vs. relative URL's not filesystem locations,

Take a minute and try thinking this through - would you want people to be able to scan your machine if you made a minor error in your configuration settings?

Good Luck


Re: Image absolute url

PostPosted: 08. September 2010 01:18
by sbarrow47
The pictures have to be accessible via url.
Think about it, if someone visits your site, they won't have that image on their c: drive.

Re: Image absolute url

PostPosted: 15. September 2010 01:21
by wutanggrenade
It was for offline use for me. I know some people wouldn't figure it out that images can't be loaded off your harddrive, but I just wanted to get it to be able to be able to scan my hd and load the images.