Can't Connect to Web-Site outside of Local-Network

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Can't Connect to Web-Site outside of Local-Network

Postby Zelda » 28. August 2010 17:21

This may have already been asked before, but I didn't see anything when I searched, so I assumed that no-one else is having this problem.

My problem is, is that when I try to connect to my server outside of my network, it cant connect.
I have read that this problem maybe because of my ISP blocking certain ports, but I have tried several other ports and none of those seem to work either. I am also pretty sure that I am port-forwarding "correctly" on my router.

>>If anyone has any ideas of what might be causing this please leave a reply!

>>Also if you need anymore information on what is happening or if I didnt supply enough info about what I am doing, just leave a reply asking and I will reply with what you asked for.
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Re: Can't Connect to Web-Site outside of Local-Network

Postby JonB » 29. August 2010 14:46

First - Does your XAMMP server work correctly whne you type http://localhost?

Second - What version of Windows and XAMPP?

Did you make a firewall exception for Apache?

about your port forwarding:

Now how would you be 'pretty sure' if it doesn't work???

Reason -

If you installed XAMMP correctly, and made NO changes
-- then turned on port forwarding 'correctly'
-- then FROM OUTSIDE your network typed the external IP of your router

you will get the 'XAMPP security concept' error page.

the FROM OUTSIDE is capitalized as not all routers support NAT loopback, so others might be able to see your site using the exteranl IP, but users on your LAN (or the XAMPP machine itself) would not be able to view the XAMPP server.

So why don't you share that info? (BTW I have no idea what you searched on but we get this really special problem all the time - and its usually a router problem)

Good Luck
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