Access MySQL on Windows PC

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Access MySQL on Windows PC

Postby radtanto » 26. August 2010 14:39


I'm not a developer and don't have any server admin experience, forgive me if this is the wrong forum for this.

I want to access a local back-up copy (uncompressed) of my e-commerce site's MySQL database, from a local Windows PC. I need to do this because eventually I will be pulling data from local machine back-up of e-commerce db to a on a daily basis, for purposes integration with some specialist printing software.

I have downloaded a copy of my e-commerce site's MySQL database to the local machine. I have downloaded and installed Xampp to the same machine. I've worked out how to start Xampp and opened up myphpadmin from within Xampp. I can't work out how to get access the local MySQL database file from myphpadmin.

Can anyone help me? I'm thinking I must have to put the MySQL db in a specific directory, or use a command line to connect,

Anyhelp is appreciated.
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Re: Access MySQL on Windows PC

Postby JonB » 27. August 2010 04:42

If you have a .sql, or .sql.gz file, you will need to restore the database.

You can use the command line tool \xammp\php\bin\mysql.exe or do it through phpMyAdmin. You may have to create the same database and user name that was used on the host first. You can do that in phpMyAdmin, (databases atb) and (priviieges tab). ... estore.php

If you are gong to do this stuff - you'll need to learn the tools - phpMyAdmin is your friend, as it can work with XAMMP and is offered on mostr webhosts,

Good Luck
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