user_agent local vs live

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user_agent local vs live

Postby morris_buttermaker » 23. August 2010 12:36

Howdy, I have a simple if/else line of php detecting user agent, if it's Firefox on OSX, do this, else do that...

It works fine live but not on my local install of xampp.

I tried this too as a check and live it feeds me back the agent, local nothing.

echo "search for firefox: ==" . stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"Firefox") . "==";

FYI, my file directory is not in the install location, could that have an affect on it?

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Re: user_agent local vs live

Postby WilliL » 23. August 2010 14:08

this should work.
its difficult to give a right answer for complet discription is missing..

a guess: short_open_tag <? instead of <?php

please use in furure the english part of this forum
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