[BUG] -- PHP 5.3.1 bug - In Mediawiki installation 1.16.0

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[BUG] -- PHP 5.3.1 bug - In Mediawiki installation 1.16.0

Postby dlpenguinlover » 22. August 2010 05:30

Hi. Will there be an upgrade to a new php? 5.3.1 has a bug due to the call_ command and is used vastly in mediawiki. i'm wondering because this needs fixing
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Re: [BUG] -- PHP 5.3.1 bug - In Mediawiki installation 1.16.0

Postby JonB » 22. August 2010 06:06

Umm -

I guess no one ever actaully bothers to search forums

Search found 61 matches: +mediawiki

This particular question has been answered many many times

A. Everyone working on the project already knows that there is a PHP bug that keeps stiki-wiki from working (or so the stiki-wiki page says)

B. - XAMPP is a suite, so you can't mix and match pieces

C. (this is somewhat new) There is a beta being tested - but that also means there are still things to fix

D. - vastly huh?

E. - THERE IS A FIX! - Install Apache, Install PHP, Install MySQL (stir well) and make them work.

(actually TWO fixes - If you search the forum, you will find I point out there is an older XAMPP you could install)

sooo - get cracking - OR wait for the new XAMPP or WAMP.


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