Can Apache read CNAMES of domains..?

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Can Apache read CNAMES of domains..?

Postby da3533 » 20. August 2010 18:05


i have domains where the a record is set to my ip and the cnameWWW record is set to
When requests comes through, is there a way to make apache use the cname WWW record instead of the actual domain name?

so it will look through the vhosts file for anything that matches the cname WWW record..

or is the CNAME www record not passed in the http headers .. when requesting....
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Re: Can Apache read CNAMES of domains..?

Postby glitzi85 » 20. August 2010 18:12

The CNAME-Record is returning you an alias to an A-Record. This Record returns you an IP. Then your Computer connect's to this IP and transmits the host, that is entered into your URL bar.

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