Multiple servers.. vhost, whats wrong?

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Re: Multiple servers.. vhost, whats wrong?

Postby Nobbie » 19. August 2010 21:56

da3533 wrote:yes but if i got my local dns up and running, what do i do next? where do i put this dns as it can only be accessed locally. how am i suppose to link the domains to this dns..

You simply cannot.

I was wondering how to assign CNAME records to a domain with a different IP. You cannot assign your own to the dynamic IP of your router. FORGET You ONLY can use the domains supplied by the service (or similar registrars). There is NO WAY to assign different (static) domain names to your dynamically changing IP.

If you want to run your own webserver(s) at home, there is no problem as long as you use the domain names supplied by And thats it - NO, NO etc.

If you like to have etc, you MUST have a STATIC IP (which should be assigned to your router - ask your provider if it is possible). And a registrar (probably the provider again), that assigns the domain name to that IP (you CANNOT DO this on your own server).

There is NO "but how, but if, but but". Static IP for static Domains.
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Re: Multiple servers.. vhost, whats wrong?

Postby JonB » 19. August 2010 22:00

but I can't even think how to fix that -- its just too complex (thus my first statement).

Sorry - If I really knew a complete answer i would have given it.

That's actually what is accomplished with a content router (a programmable transparent proxy). ... 7fcda.html

I didn't do the configuration work on the Cisco, but the problem was roughly the same -- Single gateway IP, multiple servers on the same port. It had other things it was tasked to as well. I'm pretty sure it worked. Note it needed BT's brains and a Cisco specialist to make it work - and I am not sure exactly which model was used.

I think BigWetDog is right - ask on a specialist Apache forum or on the Apache mailing lists.

Good Luck
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Re: Multiple servers.. vhost, whats wrong?

Postby da3533 » 19. August 2010 22:03

oh .. yes, but i have a static ip address, i never said i never. i use dyndns so that i can get hostnames instead of ip addresses... and i thought apache could direct according to the cname... therefofore, 1 i can have several hostnames, thus, several servers according to what i wanted... i
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