php & mysql default configuration wishes

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php & mysql default configuration wishes

Postby stevesmith97 » 08. August 2010 07:23

We would dearly like a Xampp version for use by non-developers.
These users run HTML/Javascript apps as standalone or on small LANs entirely behind the firewall.
The new Firefox 4 and Chrome 6 are such a rich environment to develop user interfaces for any application, not just web.

The problem is that these users will never edit the config.
So the following defaults would be ideal.

extension=php_dbase.dll (dbase extension is start up option on linux)
post_max_size=900M (or no limit)
upload_max_filesize=900M (or no limit)
memory_limit=900M (or no limit)
max_input_time=36000 (or no limit)
max_execution_time=36000 (or no limit)
session.gc_maxlifetime=36000 (or no limit)

MySql Configuration
ft_min_word_len=3 (default is 4 and does not match for 'php', 'cup' etc)
max_allowed_packet=16000000 (default 1mb)

I know that max_execution_time is needed to stop runaway scripts but developers can change it where as casual users will not.

The php_dbase.dll is a start switch on Linux. This will be very useful for the next few years for import from legacy xbase applications

The max_allowed_packet is for the increasing use of MySql geometry field for GIS apps.
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