access web server from ip

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access web server from ip

Postby schou » 07. August 2010 13:58

i wont to access the webserver from an ip and not local host, so i can access the server any where.
but how ?
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Re: access web server from ip

Postby JonB » 07. August 2010 14:43

wow -

I suggested reading and Googling. Seriously, that is beyond a simple help request. :shock:

This is what I Googled (for you):
"how do I put my apache server on the internet"

Here's a broad explanation:

Lots of the others are good as well. Some folks like LifeHacker's semi-non-geeky advice.

Some may need fixes, and when you have done most of the 'stuff' - you will be a position to ask a question we can answer here without writing a lesson plan first. :lol:

Good Luck and have fun.

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