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xampp install.php not working

PostPosted: 05. August 2010 10:56
by tintincute
i'm very new to web design i installed the cms modx and i want to use the xampp as a local server

now it seems xampp is working fine. and i unpacked the modx file in the root of xampp
my problem is if i call the link: localhost/install/index.php
i'm getting an error.
any idea why?

what i see under my tools are only these:
Mercury Mail
FileZilla FTP

I'm wondering where I can find the MySQL.
Do I need to install it separately?

But I can see in my status the My SQL Database is activated. So I'm not really sure where to go from here. I just need to install the modx and see if it works.

Please help, thanks

Re: xampp install.php not working

PostPosted: 06. August 2010 02:37
by JonB
Well - I'm checking, but this doesn't appear to be a modx support forum. :shock:

Flip remarks aside - you don't say what the error is!!!

I know you just want everything to work, but so does everyone else asking questions. And none of us helper-folks is standing over your shoulder to see what is on your screen, so you have to tell us exactly what you see...

You 'probably' should have put modx (or whatever) in its own folder under htdocs. Generally applications/scripts are put in their own folders cause (gosh darn it) almost every one of them thinks it should be 'index.php'.

Edited: Well that is where they say to install it, but they do have forums and all that -- over there where there are people that actually use it (modx). I knew of it my its 'old name' - "evolution"

Good Luck. :roll: and that's my idea. :shock: