xampp - connecting to a local database from another local ma

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xampp - connecting to a local database from another local ma

Postby jayapalchandran » 04. August 2010 11:21

Hi, I am using XAMPP to create php projects. My system is: name=con7 and local ip= Another system is: name=con12 and local ip=

I want to connect to a database in con12 from con7.

I read that we need to provide access permission for the host(ip) which is trying to connect from a different machine like the Access Host in cPanel->databases (the control panel for linux hostings).

I have access to that system as that person(con7) does the data entry and me the manipulation. some thing like that.

So how to do this?
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Re: xampp - connecting to a local database from another local ma

Postby JonB » 04. August 2010 14:01

Presumably, its a MySQL issue (you didn't say what database), if so:

If you intend to directly input the data from the remote computer (make a remote connection), you will need to use phpMyAdmin and GRANT PRIVILEGES on the relevant database(or tables) to a USER that are not limited to localhost. You can either create a MySQL statement to do it, or use the Priviliges tab. You can use a hostname (or IP as a hostname) or use the wildcard '%'.

As this is an important security aspect of MySQL, I suggest you invest some time in the documentation. :mrgreen:


although this is for *nix, this is a good primer:
http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/how-do-i- ... erver.html

The best thing to do would be learn the MySQL syntax, as it will make your programming intuitive.

Good luck with our project.
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