help with installation and

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help with installation and

Postby mcdavis941 » 30. January 2004 07:02

Hi, I just installed ApacheFriends XAMPP and I love it! Thank you for the wonderful software. I am new to Apache and mod_perl, but I had your software up and running within just a few hours.

Everything works great except for one thing, which makes me think I didn't complete the installation. Could you please tell me if I didn't install it correctly or if this is a known issue with the installation script.

I installed to the directory D:\app\xampp on my Windows 98 computer, then ran the installation script 'd:\app\xampp\setup_xampp.bat'. When I used to install new modules from CPAN (as with the command 'perl -MCPAN -e shell') I would get the following error message and the CPAN install would fail:

Code: Select all
   perl -MCPAN -e shell
   cpan>install Text::Diff


   Checking if your kit is complete...
   Looks good
   Warning: prerequisite Algorithm::Diff 0 not found.

   Error: Unable to locate installed Perl libraries or Perl source code.

   It is recommended that you install perl in a standard location before
   building extensions. Some precompiled versions of perl do not contain
   these header files, so you cannot build extensions. In such a case,
   please build and install your perl from a fresh perl distribution. It
   usually solves this kind of problem.

   (You get this message, because MakeMaker could not find "C:\xampp\perl\lib\CORE\perl.h")
   Running make test
     Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't test
   Running make install
     Make had some problems, maybe interrupted? Won't install


   <end of snip>

I get the same error message when trying the following with various modules which I download by hand (rather than with

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   perl Makefile.PL

but in those cases I can install without error by using this more specific command:

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  perl Makefile.PL PERL_SRC=D:\app\xampp\perl

BTW, CPANPLUS has the same issue.

Looking around, it appears that my settings in file D:\app\xampp\perl\lib\ are wrong for my installation. For example:

Code: Select all

I can correct the problem by manually changing all those 'c:\xampp' to 'd:\app\xampp' in

Perl: 5.8.0, ActiveState Build 806, with various updated individual modules
OS: MSWin32
Perl Directory: D:\app\xampp\perl
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Postby FOCP » 30. January 2004 16:22

Hi mcdavis,

the error appears because of this:
(You get this message, because MakeMaker could not find "C:\xampp\perl\lib\CORE\perl.h")

So what happened?
The installation routine looked for file:///c:/xampp/perl/lib/CORE/perl.h and was not able to find it.

And now?
You'll have to change the config or reinstall to c:/xampp or d:/xammp but NOT to d:/app/xammp. Things should work fine then.

Best regards
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Postby mcdavis941 » 30. January 2004 16:28

Thank you for looking into it! :D
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