Burn off my XAMPP website onto DVD

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Burn off my XAMPP website onto DVD

Postby Donnaa5dcp » 02. August 2010 11:50

I am usinf XAMPP to install onto my main computer. However I am building a project for Uni and wish to make the website completely portable.
I intend to burn off all the files and hand in on a DVD.
Should I chose the option to make XAMPP portable during installation, seems a daft question but I cannot see the difference on install, it installs xampp to the C drive.
Also, has anyone written a list of files I would need to amend in PHP/Apache/MySQL that I would have to amend if I did burn off onto CD?

Many Thanks
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Re: Burn off my XAMPP website onto DVD

Postby BigWetDog » 04. August 2010 02:17

It depends on the complexity of your project. What does your project depend on Apache, PHP, MySQL? It is possible, but it isn't a trivial matter. In addition to configuring your xampp installation for portability you'd need a batch file or launcher app that will create and clean up temp directories on the target PC for the files that need to be written (e.g. log files). The exercise is a good project all by itself, and should get you high marks if you put it together with you project. A quick google search "Apache from CD" turns up a few ideas.
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