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Postby DavenLC » 30. July 2010 20:22

Has anyone got jCow to work on their site using XAMPP?

If so, what have you done to get it working?
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Re: jCow

Postby JonB » 30. July 2010 20:47

What have you tried?


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Re: jCow [SOLVED]

Postby DavenLC » 30. July 2010 22:48

Installed it, set in php.ini errors=off

apache: mod_rewrite=on

thats about it.
It asks for "Network URL" in the setup, I think they mean Domain name, inputted my domain name or just '/' and it still gives 500 page error.
Not sure what to do from here since their support lacks for the Free version.
Their Website isn't clear on the Settings this software requires.

Oh, their FAQ page isnow working.

So, your server must have ionCube PHP Loader installed before you can use Jcow.
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