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PECL http_request

Postby yezariel » 21. July 2010 16:06


I'm using XAMPP version 1.7.3 and I would like to use the PECL extension http_request on a windows environment. The problem is I can't use something else because I have to work with a PHP application from a vendor and that application uses the PECL. Is there any way to implement the PECL extension in XAMPP? And also, where can I download a working php_http.dll file to use it in the extension directory and the php.ini file?

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Re: PECL http_request

Postby JonB » 21. July 2010 17:10

Read this:

This » PECL extension is not bundled with PHP.

Information for installing this PECL extension may be found in the manual chapter titled Installation of PECL extensions. Additional information such as new releases, downloads, source files, maintainer information, and a CHANGELOG, can be located here: »

Note: The official name of this extension is pecl_http.

A DLL for this PECL extension is currently unavailable. See also the building on Windows section.

You might be able to compile from source, you will need the Visual C 6 compiler that is part of Visual Studio 6. You may also 'get lucky' searching for it (I didn't). If you find a DLL for it, ensure it is a VC6, not VC9 compile and that it was compiled for PHP 5.3 . VC9 binaries are for use with IIS and will not run with the Apache Software Foundation DLL's for Windows. ... 33933.html

You might also inquire with the developers of that package about workarounds.

Good Luck
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