XAMPP on Windows USB Key - BSOD on server access

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XAMPP on Windows USB Key - BSOD on server access

Postby scunliffe » 20. July 2010 18:35

Hello all,

I've successfully been using XAMPP 1.7.3 on a USB Key for over a year, accessing several "projects" (folders off the root htdocs dir) on the device and using PHPMyAdmin and SQLBuddy to modify MySQL tables/data.

Recently (June/July 2010) when I run it (on Windows XP btw) it launches just fine... but if I attempt to access any page within htdocs, I get an instant BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).

AFAIK, I haven't changed a singe file on the USB key, although the Windows PC it runs off of, might have been updated (I'm not sure)

Has anyone else experienced this?

I only plug it in and run xampp once in a while
It maps to my E:\ if that matters at all
I run Apache on port 81 (as I have typically got other stuff running on port 80)
Apache and MySQL will run fine for ages - if I don't hit any pages
I don't run either as a service, and no other options are launched
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Re: XAMPP on Windows USB Key - BSOD on server access

Postby JonB » 21. July 2010 14:54

Can you access those files from a different machine over your local net?
Does the BSOD occur even for a static HTML page?
What browsers have you tried?
How about security software?
Have you done a file system check (CHKDSK) on the USB drive?

I suggest trying to answer my first question is important as if the files can be accessed from another machine, it puts file location (on a USB device) to the forefront of the analysis. Another quick suggestion is to copy XAMMP onto the local hard drive and see if the problem 'goes away', again making it a matter of file location. I would also examine those files to ensure they have not been corrupted.

After I have typed all this up. I realized that getting the Windows STOP code is probably the key, as this is really a Windows event, although it is triggered (apparently) by Apache (or one of the DLL's loaded by Apache). So leading candidates right now are Memory pointers, corrupt file system (or files) and Division by zero in my guesstimate.


BTW, you can check what Windows Updates have been installed in Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, click on 'Show Updates'. You might still be able to use System Restore to roll the system and registry back to a date where you know things worked. (BE SURE TO GET A FULL SYSTEM RECOVERABLE BACKUP FIRST!)

Good Luck
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