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reactor theme

Postby crazydrve » 20. July 2010 10:17

Hi all... for years I have been using reactor server for personal use and its been great. since the project is no longer developed I decided to switch to XAMPP

My question is with reactor server they set up a theme (I think) already for use with it so you have a website already...

does anyone know what or how they did it? ... it looks like xampp doesn't have one...

thanks for any help....
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Re: reactor theme

Postby Nobbie » 20. July 2010 12:24

You can still download reactor - so you can find out everything on yourself. This is not a reactor forum.
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Re: reactor theme

Postby Altrea » 20. July 2010 12:58

XAMPP is just a package of components around a Web- and databaseserver.
If you want to habe a Content-Management-System (or anything else which comes with predefined webtemplates), then you have to install it.

Try Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal... whatever you want. Each of them have a really hugh community with thousands of templates.
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