How to run XAMPP from USB?

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How to run XAMPP from USB?

Postby newbtophp » 19. July 2010 17:48


How to run XAMPP from USB?

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Re: How to run XAMPP from USB?

Postby JonB » 20. July 2010 01:47

Two answers:

If you wish to be able to use XAMPP on almost any machine (and are willing to live with a few less tools) , say from a thumb drive - install the 'XAMPP Lite'. Or use the 'tip' this page of not using the XAMPP installer to extract and place your files.

If you want to work with the full product (with all the bells & whistles) consider using a USB drive letter utility on the machines you wish to use (so the drive letter is always mapped consistently) -- then install XAMPP (regular) on the USB drive.

This is based on my own experiences, which also involved a lot of 'futzing around'. :mrgreen:

Good Luck
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