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router accessing localhost rather than website

PostPosted: 18. July 2010 17:01
by whiterican
I am running Xampp 1.73, windows 7 ultimate, bitdefender ts firewall, dell true mobile 2300 - ddwrt.

This is bugging me because I had this router set up before to be able to access all websites by domain name local intranet or internet. Without any mods But since we moved to a new home And I had to set up everything again Same static IP.... It goes straight to the no matter what site I use.

this is the routers table.

Code: Select all                  LAN & WLAN
xx.xx.xx.0                  WAN                  LAN & WLAN                xx.xx.xx.1          WAN

I have set in the router for the 4 host names to update.

host; -a -a etc. works quite well.

I am using 1 comp/server to host all sites.

All host host names, ip's are bound by Mac address in static routes

Ip bindings in router
Code: Select all
Mac address                    host name                   Ip Address             

Each host is listed in the Windows host file
As I have done before and is the same as the above setup minus the mac addresses

host file
Code: Select all        localhost       ::localhost                   

I have forwarded all ports to each and turned off the nat firewall which I never had to do before

I am running on Windows 7 ultimate behind a Bitdefender total security firewall. never had any problems there before.

Apache shows the router connecting to it and not the ip of the specific networked computer.
access log
Code: Select all - - [18/Jul/2010:10:09:04 -0500] "GET /xampp/ HTTP/1.1" 401 1287 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100625 Firefox/3.6.6"

Is router then my local dns server? And is the host file itself a waste of time?

I have tried both Name and IP based virtual hosts. Each host having it's own separate ip. All Ips are also configured in the local area connection, incuding the default gateway being the router; the second gateway as has been configured in the past and has always been dyndns.orgs name server.

I have used RDP to configure all theses settings before and have never had any issues... Even with file sharing turned on, this has always worked. IIS has been configured to run on different ports, as IIs is used for file sharing on the network.

Sorry if I seem to be rambling now but I am pissed. :evil:

Anyway any help here would be appreciated.


Re: router accessing localhost rather than website

PostPosted: 19. July 2010 15:51
by whiterican
I am not clear as to what caused this problem. However all is well now. But it appears that there was an issue within the dns settings of the router and how they communicated to the host and how Apache responded. I performed a complete maintenance of the system and am happy with the results.

As you can see in the above the configurations were correct.
so there should have been nothing wrong with the operations.


Ps I did however eliminate the main sites from their designated Mac/host/ip bindings. and only left the local comp(domain) as the sole mac binder. The main sites I added to my advanced routing by ip only with no mac binding.

Clueless but it works.

Re: router accessing localhost rather than website

PostPosted: 19. July 2010 16:01
by JonB
I'm glad you got it sorted out.

I was going to suggest you reduce the level of complication to debug, but that seesm to be the route you took anyway.

No one could have grokked what you did there - other than yourself.

Good luck

Re: router accessing localhost rather than website

PostPosted: 19. July 2010 17:35
by whiterican
I believe I over complicated the issue

My router has 2 settings for dns

1) for local dns where mac bindings can get applied
I figure NOWthis is more for VPN

2) the other is for normal traffic.. which is ip based only.
this I believe is for "global" traffic