audio files loading in quick time

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audio files loading in quick time

Postby Key » 17. July 2010 19:14

Hello, guys.

I have the following problem:

When someone come to download some .mp3 from my server, and then click on it, the page loads a quick time page for just listening.
I would like to know how can I disable that function and make the file a downloadable file.

Thanks for priori.
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Re: audio files loading in quick time

Postby JonB » 18. July 2010 15:24

You will need to change (turn off) the MIME type handling defined for .mp3.

See the RemoveType directive. (it can be added to a .htaccess file for the folders where your mp3's are located - thus avoiding ugly mucking about with the server's configuration). I'm pretty sure this will do what you want.

Good Luck
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