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HELP! - Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

PostPosted: 27. January 2004 21:10
by jardinec
Has anyone sucessfully generated a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using openssl.

I have XAMPP installed and running successfully, which is great, but i need to get a proper certificate installed:

I have tried the command:

openssl req –new –nodes -keyout myserver.key –out server.csr

but this could not find the config file so then i tried:

openssl req -config e:\path\to\ssl.conf –new –nodes -keyout myserver.key –out server.csr

But now i get another error. Can anyone help me with this as it is urgent"!"



if i am not mistaken

PostPosted: 29. January 2004 15:58
by MAGnUm
put all yor files in the same directory so no path is needed, then attempt to build your cert. additionally i think but am not sure, if you dont specify a config file it will prompt you to fill in the blanks anyway. also there is a sample that comes with wampp on creating a server cert, but i dont know about signing a cert request. all i can say is google.